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These are the collection of latest Amit Bhadana videos that are posted by him in 2018 and late 2017. He is leveling up his comedy skills as we can see in every new upcoming video. He is already giving a tough competition to the top Youtubers of India in terms of views and followers.

Amit Bhadana is the single most youtuber who have gained almost 1 lakh subscribers in a day. This statement is more than enough to say about the quality of content and comedy he presents to his audience. The one thing I love most about his videos is that he makes us laugh with every video without using a single abusive word, unlike other youtubers like BB ki Vines and Carry Minati.

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With his continuing growing fanbase, Amit Bhadana has released yet another video. His chucklesome style of comedy has gained the hearts of millions of people. This video perfectly shows the funny aspects of unemployment. After being sick of being unemployed for so long he decides to do something different. To find out what he does next watch Amit Bhadana’s latest video ‘Berozgari’.

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Aafreen Fathima Bewafa Hai

After releasing One after one trending videos, Amit Bhadana has gained popularity in youtube industry. Huge following youth is in love with the his amazing rhyming one liners. This video shows a tragic one sided love with a girl named Afreen Fatima. After being betrayed watch what he does next in his latest viral video “Afreen Fatima Bewafa Hai”.

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Nazar Hati Durghatna Ghati

Amit Bhadana has turned up with yet another hilarious video slaying the hearts of his fans. He is known for his joyful and hilarious videos. In this video, in the mist of impressing a girl something goes terribly wrong. Loads of grins waiting for you, watch the video “Nazar Hati Durghatna Ghati”.

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Amit Bhadana has come up with another video which is weave of drama and humour. Unveiling the beautiful side of friendship, it shows Amit and his friend 10 years apart living in two different societies. How will they react meeting each other after such time, will Amit adjust to his friend’s lifestyle? To find out what happens watch Amit Bhadana latest video “Dosti”

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New Year Surprise Gift – Amit Bhadana

This video is a comedic sketch of a desi guy who has a girlfriend. Turns out she was misusing him for his money. After finding out he comes up with a perfect witty response for his girlfriend. To find out his gift watch now Amit’s new viral video “New Year Surprise Gift”

I hope you liked our handpicked collection of Amit Bhadana YouTube videos. We will keep you updated with all the latest updates about him and his latest videos. So stay tuned! You can watch more Amit Bhadana videos on Amit Bhadana biography page.