Amit Bhadana Success Story – Unstoppable Youtube Journey [2018]

Amit Bhadana Success Story

Amit Bhadana has crossed over 5 million subscribers lately on YouTube within a period of one year. Today we will talk about Amit Bhadana’s success story and the difficulties he faced while chasing his dreams. He was born on 7th September 1994 in a small village named Johripur. He was a very clever and a naughty kid in his teenage and because of this, he used to get scolded by his Uncle a lot.

How he started his journey to the success?

After Completing his schooling he decided to pursue his graduation from Delhi University. His family wanted him to be a lawyer so after graduation, he decided to pursue Law as a career. But then one day he heard a song called “Hello” of a foreign singer named Adelle. From there he got an idea to make a funny video on this song.

His brother and some friends helped him to shoot his first video. That video got a really good response from his friends and family. So he decided to make another video. This time it was a dubbing video from the Hindi film “Border”. The dubbing video really took off on social media and got viral really soon. The video gained almost 4 million views in less than a week. Then he went on and started making more dubbing videos, but somewhere in his heart, he was not satisfied with just making these kind of videos.

In his college days, Amit Bhadana use to do stand up comedy and that’s what really interests him, and he really wanted to do something of his own rather than making dubbing videos of other people. Then, some of his friends suggested him to make a facebook page and start posting his own vines. At that time there were very few famous viners on social media who were providing really good content. On 18th February 2017, Amit Bhadana uploaded his first video on his Facebook page which was inspired by gym lovers.

Problems He Faced

Initially, he use to shoot and edit videos on his iPhone which was a really big challenge in itself. Sometimes it took more than 10 hrs to shoot the video and complete the editing process.

His family members started thinking that he was making wedding videos for somebody and didn’t support him that much. But the problem didn’t end there. His neighbors and relatives criticized him a lot due to his style and the language he used. Some of his neighbors and relatives asked him to focus on his studies and to put this all behind just as a hobby. That put a big decision in front of him, whether he should complete his law and find a good job or to follow his passion and do something great and different. He decided to follow his passion. He didn’t quit college as he wanted to complete his graduation but focused more on making vines. Everything in his vines is done by Amit Bhadana himself scripting, editing, dialogues etc.

amit bhadana success story

But he didn’t give up and continued making videos day by day. His friends started supporting him in making vines and also played some roles in his videos. You may have seen Vipin, Vikas, Rohit, Chitranshi, and Riya in his videos.

amit bhadana success story

But Problems didn’t end there. In October 2017 he got really sick and was not able to create new videos at that time. A growing youtube channel needs a lot of content to feed to his hungry audience.

As soon as his health conditions improved, he again started making his videos and this time he was UNSTOPPABLE. The channel started growing insanely and he even touched the mark of 1 lakh subscribers IN A SINGLE DAY. That’s one hell of a record to break.

And rest, as you know is HISTORY.

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